OZARA PETROLEUM FZE is one of the main trader for the various oil producing companies in international marketing and trading operations. We are supplying mainly in markets such as Africa, Middle East, North and Latin America as well as Far East Asia also having the potential to deliver at all the safe Ports across the globe.

We are mainly focused on Imports, Exports, International and Local Trading of crude oil and refined products.

We Ozara Petroleum is bound to work under the control of UAE law as a company and which gives Transparency, confidence and legal protection to our customers.

Our global partner network enables us to deliver tailored and cost-effective solutions.

Ozara Petroleum has a good relationship with our Suppliers of crude oil, fuel, lubricants and gas, the largest crude oil suppliers and traders in the world who has direct allocation from refineries across the world.

We have vast experience in facilitatory service in the various oil markets.

We specialize in distress sales, spot deals and orders as this comes with quick deal closure.

Director & CEO

Manzoor Nelliyattile

Email ID: manzoor.n@ozarapetroleum.com


Ozara Group serves as the cornerstone of diverse ventures, encompassing both Ozara Petroleum and Ozara Shipping. With a unified vision of excellence, integrity, and innovation, the group orchestrates synergies across its entities, driving forward-thinking solutions in the realms of energy and logistics. Through strategic leadership and a commitment to sustainable practices, Ozara Group continues to expand its footprint, shaping industries and fostering prosperity on a global scale.


Ozara Petroleum

At Ozara Petroleum, we are pioneers in the energy sector, dedicated to unlocking potential and driving progress. With a focus on exploration, production, and distribution, we harness cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise to deliver reliable, sustainable energy solutions. Our commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and community engagement underscores every aspect of our operations, ensuring a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come.


Ozara Shipping stands at the forefront of maritime excellence, facilitating seamless global trade and logistics solutions. With a fleet of modern vessels and a network of strategic partnerships, we provide comprehensive shipping services tailored to the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. From cargo transportation to port operations, our team of seasoned professionals ensures efficiency, reliability, and sustainability at every step of the supply chain, empowering commerce across borders and oceans.

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We take pride in providing high quality customer satisfaction to all our customers across the world - Whether for BIG or SMALL orders.

10+ Years of Experience

With over 10+ years of industry experience we ensure that you are able to receive high quality items at the best possible rates ensuring high return on value.

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